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  • Life Coaching

  • Chakras

  • Chakra Clearing

  • Chakra Meditation

  • Crystal Healing

  • Aura Clearing

  • Therapeutic Bathing

  • Aromatherapy Basics


Quién es Serenity?

I am an ethnic Romani Gypsy Dukkerer (reader/fortune-teller).  I have been reading tarot since 1987, and tea since 2003. Both are a tradition in my family -who has read tea and tarot for generations.


BUT, I am not just a tarot/tea reader. I am a Spiritual Advisor and Coach. I continuously add to my knowledge and repertoire by taking more classes to better serve all of my clients.


With certifications and experience in divination, life coaching, chakra meditation and healing, aromatherapy, aura clearing, therapeutic bathing, and more, I can guide you in ways run-of-the-mill readers can not. Take that step, see what I can help you do. SEE yourself truly LIVING. Happy, healthy & well, MIND, BODY & SOUL.


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