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*I do for everyone else, but not for myself.
*I am so hard on myself.
*I don't take time to focus on my own health.

Do you think any (or all) of these about yourself and your life? It's okay! We all feel this way from time to time! Sometimes, we feel this way more than we should, causing feelings of burnoutunder-appreciationhelplessness or worse. So, what do you do to combat it?


Stand up, take a deep breath, and say:

Join Serenity, certified Life Coach, on this mini wellness journey! You don't even have to get dressed! This is an online FB event- invite only.

It is so easy to get wrapped up in doing for others, but how much time do you spend doing for YOU? This one-day workshop will guide you through positive, healing affirmations of self-care and self-reflection questions to help you embrace the fact that YOUR needs matter!

JULY 21 (Thursday) 10AM-4PM This is a laid-back event, if you can't be here all day, pop in when you can.

CLICK THE IMAGE to access the Registration Form. Spots are Limited! Reserve YOURS now for only $27! (payable via, FB Pay, Venmo or Cashapp- payment instructions will be sent to you after you register) This is the INTRODUCTORY PRICE. Get in NOW before it goes up!



Invent Ways to be Kind

Start a journey to creating more thoughtfulness in your life.

More information as available.

If you would like to be informed when the dates are announced please send an email or text at the addresses below in the footer.

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